February 10 Update

Looking for a Covid-19 vaccine? Although SPH has none available at this time, we hope to learn from the State soon what our next allocation will be, and the expected date of arrival. We are obligated to offer the vaccines to anyone in the eligible groups (see below), and cannot prioritize within that for the large-scale vaccine events. As vaccines become more available we do plan to offer them by appointment on a regular basis, in addition to the mass events, but have no idea at this time when that might be. Our goal is to vaccinate the most number of people in the quickest and safest amount of time.

The wait list for the Feb. 12 and 13 clinic is full. There are no additional call lists at this time for Covid-19 vaccines from South Peninsula Hospital. Please check back to this page regularly for updates as we receive them. And for those not connected online, there is an informational recording at 435-3188 that will be updated as more information becomes available.

  • New Eligibility Group!
    Phase 1b, Tier 2 – This group includes:
    • People 50 years and above with a high-risk medical condition*
    • People 50 years and above working as a frontline essential worker*
    • Pre K–12 and child care education staff*
    • People living or working in congregate settings*
    • Persons aged 65 years and older (Phase 1b)
    • All of Phase 1a*
      Please note: The State of Alaska DHSS has clarified “health care setting” for vaccine eligibility as follows:
      Workers in health care settings can include someone who stays home to care for an elderly family member. Eligible individuals provide daily support related to an individual’s activities of daily living (i.e., bathing, dressing, eating) as well as instrumental activities of daily living (i.e., shopping, laundry, light housework). These may be paid, unpaid, or contracted positions. This may also include teachers or other school staff that provide health care activities for students including tube feedings, suctioning, and other hands-on healthcare.
  • If you already got your first dose at the January 15/16 event, you already have your 2nd dose appointment for Feb 12/13. If you have questions about your appointment on Feb. 12 or 13, click here or call 235-0235.
  • Vaccines are not available at Homer Medical Center or South Peninsula Family Care Clinic at this time.

Check back here for regular updates.

See the map of vaccine locations statewide