This is the thank you note our club received today...
I'll forward additional information about the grant separately.
Our Club donated $500, 2 years ago, and our District matched that, as well as donations from other D5010 Clubs.
On behalf of Gift of Life International, we wish to thank you for your partnership in healing the hearts of 62 little Egyptian children through Rotary Global Grant GG1982610. 
This project is now completed and the children will celebrate the Holidays with their families with a healthy heart for the first time ever!
Thank you for Touching Lives….Theirs and Ours!
Wishing you all a happy, healthy and blessed Holiday Season!
Brenda Small
Assistant to CEO
Gift of Life International
(905) 808-5258 ***NEW***
This is the original grant information for the Egyptian children's heart surgeries.
You'll note we actually paid $525 to include the 5% fee that TRF requires.
Dear Presidents and Treasurers (and those acting in behalf of);
I am pleased to forward you the approval of the Global Grant application to heal little hearts in Egypt that we all have contributed funds to. Please see the forwarded email message below. The request is to send the funding you committed to, to the Rotary Foundation now. I did not realize that an additional 5% would be added for administrative costs. I know it may be a struggle for some clubs to come up with the amount offered in the first place. If so, I personally will be happy to cover the cost of the added 5% since I was the one to ask all of you of your interest. Let me know right away and I will get a check for the cost difference to your club immediately.
Please let me know when your payment has been submitted. You can send me an email and I will let Brenda @ GOL know, or, you can email her directly (, and then just cc me. Either way if fine.
Also, I want you all to be the first to know that I have begun communications with the Host Club in Egypt for our clubs and district to do a Rotary Friendship Exchange in Egypt. We may possibly have the opportunity to meet some of the children having heart surgery, their families, provide small gifts, meet medical staff, etc., and see many great places in Egypt. I have just begun the talks with them, so we will see what happens. Very tentatively we will be looking at a date from October 2019 to ? I will keep you informed of the progress.
Thank you all for your support and getting the funds sent off as soon as possible. If you have questions please call or email.
Take care,
Mary Kowalczyk
First City Rotary

From: "brenda giftoflife" <>
To: "Mary Kowalczyk" <>
Cc: "Rob Raylman" <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 2:35:27 PM
Subject: Egypt GG1982610 has been approved and is now ready for funding
Dear Mary,
Good news!
We have just been notified that Egypt GG1982610 has been approved by the Rotary Foundation and we will now be able to provide care to another 62 Egyptian children. 
May I please ask that you submit your commitments directly to The Rotary Foundation for this grant? This is a requirement for Egypt. We are not able to send funds directly to the GG bank account. 
As a result, each contributor will be required to add the 5% admin fee charged by The Rotary Foundation for processing. 
Please ask each club to complete the attached Rotary Contribution Form and include payment as follows: 
RC Ketchikan The First City $2,625 (including the 5%)
RC Ketchikan $525 (including the 5%)
RC Sitka $525 (including the 5%)
RC Homer Kachemak $525 (including the 5%)
Please be sure to add the GG number to the notes area on each check to be sure it is correctly assigned to the Egypt grant. 
You will be eligible for Paul Harris Fellow points with this contribution and can either request the awards now or at a later date. 
Please let us know when your payment has been submitted so that we may follow up with TRF. 
Thank you in advance, 
Brenda Small
Assistant to CEO
Gift of Life International
(818) 625-7402